Drink (Water) Spilt on Laptop – Help

Drink (Water) Spilt on Laptop – Help

July 12, 2017|Posted in: buried at Colorado City

Might you be able to study a laptop that has had a drink spilled on it? a number of the keys have now stopped operating notwithstanding attempts to dry the pc out. if so, can i convey it in at any time or do I have to e book a slot? also what will be the fee to look at it? lost pics unable to study hard disk.

The closet I could find that would help with water was this post https://johnnyforeigner.jimdo.com/2017/07/03/water-structuring-data-required/, all about an app that helps with water structuring and programming.

I’ve a 500Gb WD passport external difficult drive that has unexpectedly decided that it is not going to work any more. i’ve been backing up documents from my old laptop onto it all day and now when I insert it to my new pc that runs off home windows 10 i am getting both “The parameter is incorrect” error and it just says “local disk (I) as opposed to “my passport” or i am getting a “the request failed due to a fatal device hardware mistakes” message. The external tough drive hhas been operating all day on both computer systems and now all of sudden it’s no longer. Please could you assist me get better my files?

i have a Samsung M3 Slimline 1TB USB 3.0 portable difficult drive, which changed into functioning flawlessly ultimate night. This morning I turned on the computing device it changed into related to, and it appeared to get caught at the motherboard splash display. After plugging the hard pressure into another pc and turning it on it had the identical issue, but the machine booted up just quality without the power related. after I join the drive as soon as a gadget is booted, the light at the pressure will come on (stable), but the pc doesn’t detect whatever, even as a malfunctioning pressure, and when I hold my ear to the force i will listen it beep quietly about a dozen times, then forestall. i’ve a number of the information subsidized up, however no longer all, and i might sincerely want to try to recover what is at the force. If viable, please contact me via electronic mail as I can’t continually solution my telephone because of work commitments.

computer keyboard punched. pc went clean. computer activates but hard force not determined.

The USB-tough pressure port in the actual hard pressure has disconnected whilst trying to do away with the connecting cord. i will not join or get admission to the device’s contents. help with this will be first-rate

i have an external difficult power, which appears to be activate for kind of 3 seconds after which TURNS OFF without delay (spins down), at the same time as making a beeping noise. Addtionally, in the course of those 3 seconds the disk is spinning. (be aware: the heads had been at the beginning caught but at the moment are free. additionally, the controller board seems to be a chunk burnt, as some of the gold strains look discoloured). Please can you endorse me on this? Is there a opportunity that the control board is causing this problemand simply wishes to get replaced?

My son drop my hard drive ,now wben pluged the computor make that recgnizing sound but the force isn’t seen

160gb hdd win7 deleted 3 partitions for easy set up of win7 only to be instructed later there was 2 folders inside the root of C i’ve ran a few recovery programs read simplest however cant discover the partition

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